The ecologically friendly infiltration blocks

Why Hydrorock®

  • Easy installation
  • No pipework necessary
  • Excellent quality and pricing
  • 100% environment-friendly
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The 10 advantages of Hydrorock®

  • Fast and simple solution for flooding.
  • Simple separation from rainwater discharges.
  • No connection to the sewer system.
  • Simple installation and limited impact on groundwork.
  • No fall necessary for correct drainage.
  • Resistant against erosion by plant- and tree roots.
  • Both flora and fauna thrive excellently on Hydrorock®.
  • 100% environment-friendly.
  • The green alternative for synthetic infiltration crates.
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.

Hydrorock® compared to other products

Surface water and rainwater Hydrorock® blocks Infiltration crates Gravel baskets
Separation V V X
Buffering& Infiltrating V V V
Draining V X X
Irrigating V X X
House and garden V V V
Linear drainage for terraces V X X
Roads, driveways, banks V V X
Sports fields & recreation V V X
Nature and agriculture V X V
Product features
Buffer capacity V V X
Sustainability V X V
Price-performance ratio V X V
Weight V V X
Root-growth proof V X X
Installation & maintenance
Flexibility V V X
No inspection needed V X X
No cleaning necessary V X X

Hydrorock International solutions

You are looking for an effective and sustainable way to prevent flooding, to separate rainwater discharge or to fight dehydration of soil? And you are also looking for not only the best price and the best quality united in one solution? Hydrorock® provides the ecologically justified (underground) solutions at the best price-performance ratio.

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