Hydrorock – Subsoil Aquifer Irrigation System

Development of our new BD 45 IR / BD 112 IR Aquifer Block now allows the Hydrorock Irrigation System Based on a highly innovative, totally new mineral wool product, this 100% natural product is totally ecologically and environmentally friendly. Aquifer Blocks act exactly like a natural aquifer, soaking up water like a sponge, holding it like a reservoir and releasing it like a watering can. Optimises subsoil moisture & cuts water use Hydrorock irrigation system targets water delivery directly to the soil around plant roots. Water use is reduced by over 80% by eliminating wasteful surface watering evaporation and misdirection of water underground. The slow release of water from the Aquifer Block, only as required, ensures optimal soil water balance and enables each plant to draw the exact water it needs when it wants it. Optimises plant health, strengthens root structures & increases crop yield Putting fertiliser and nutrients in the water enables them to be delivered exactly when and where they needed, maximising plant health, stronger and deeper root structure which significantly increases crop yield. This eliminates wasteful, labour intensive practice of surface-spread fertilisers. Increases land value & reduces labour costs Hydrorock irrigation system enables currently uncultivated land to be brought agriculture use and boosts crop yields of existing agricultural land. This significantly increases overall food production and greatly increases land value. The automation of key labour-intensive activities, such as watering & spreading fertiliser, reduces labour costs. Highly efficient & highly cost effective Long-life maintenance free operation ensures highly efficient performance for many decades. Increased crop yields, increased land value and reduced labour costs ensures installation payback within a few years.

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