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Hydrorock International

The green label in water management

Hydrorock International BV is a Dutch company focussed on sustainable water management. We focus on the development, production and sales of innovative solutions in the field of rainwater and surface water. We offer a wide range of solutions for separating rainwater, water buffering, drainage, infiltration and irrigation by using stone wool as our basis material. Hydrorock® is the result of an intensive collaboration between two companies originating from the isolation- and rock wool substrate branch: Rockwool and Asbipro group..

Our Mission

Hydrorock International wants to contribute sustainably to the preservation and use of clean rainwater in soil utilization.

We focus on the prevention of flooding and dehydration in cultivated and non-cultivated areas with ecologically responsible (underground) solutions. Thus Hydrorock® contributes to the sustainable use of soil functions.

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Our Vision

Now more than ever, water management is relevant in urban areas. And for the worldwide water and food supply the fluid-containing capability of soil is of crucial importance. As a result of the climate change there is a continuous flooding or water shortage in many parts of the world. The Dutch, also thanks to their own delta, are worldwide specialists where it concerns water safety, water quality and water quantity. Hydrorock®, the green label in water management, contributes by offering innovative solutions in water management.

We provide solutions for separating rainwater, preventing flooding in cities, rural areas and sports and recreational fields. We can also contribute in the prevention of dehydration of agricultural and natural areas. This is possible because of the underground buffering, infiltrating, draining or irrigating of surface- and rainwater, with products based on the 100% natural stone wool. Solutions that can be implemented very easily, that are ecologically responsible and last but not least have an excellent price-performance ratio.

Founders Hydrorock

Hydrorock International B.V. was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurial Dutchmen who found a way to significantly combine the current social problems of flooding and water shortage with corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Gert-Jan de Koning is general manager of Hydrorock International, but also the director of the 70-year-old family concern Asbipro Group. A cluster of companies with key-words such as isolation, sustainability, fire safety, energy saving and environmental innovation.

Richard Dirne is commercial director at Hydrorock International. As a structural engineer and project developer Richard has won his spurs in the (re)development of exclusive residential projects.


Let's Hydrorock!

Active Markets

Climate change will continue to affect The Netherlands, especially when it comes to potential flooding.  Extreme rainfall continues to cause millions of euros in damages.  Damage that can actually be prevented in many ways.  Hydrorock is active in various market places, dedicated to the reduction of flooding.  Together with these affected markets, we can prepare The Netherlands for major climate changes of the future.

Government and Public services

There is a need for sustainable solutions to prevent flooding and to relieve the sewage system and the water treatment. Counties, municipalities, district water boards, water companies and district managers are dedicated to the integral area-oriented surface water management and the recovery of the ‘lung function’ of the soil: retaining and storing water and improving the water quality. This is essential for the water- and food supply.

Home and Garden

The number of paved surfaces in built-on areas is growing .In combination with the increasing rainfall this results in more flooding at those locations. This precious water then disappears into the sewer and the soil can even dehydrate locally. Local, regional and national authorities are looking for sustainable solutions that can restore the ‘lung function’ of the soil: retain water locally, discharge, separate and infiltrate and improve the groundwater quality. And also project developers, contractors, landscape architects, gardeners and private persons contribute herein.

Nature conservation and Agriculture

In many rural areas a clay or loam stratum is present. In case of excessive rainfall the infiltration of the water into the soil is difficult. This causes flooding and crop damage that can only be solved through sustainable drainage. Whereas on the other side in dry periods much water is needed for sprinkling and irrigating of crops. In spite of increasing and often excessive rainwater, the ground water level in many places has lowered by dozens of centimetres up to even one meter during the last fifty years. This dehydration of the soil is a threat for nature conservation areas. But also agriculture experiences the consequences of climate changes and low groundwater levels. Also the quality of the available water keeps deteriorating.

Recreational and Sports areas

Aridity, heat waves, severe rainfall and flooding. They occur more frequently and have a large impact on golf courses. For water discharge and water supply tighter regulations apply, such as the Water Framework Directive. The starting point: retain as much water as possible within the own area and only discharge the surplus when really no more can be retained. Quite a challenge for most sporting fields. A considerable task for most recreational institutions. Hydrorock provides an excellent solution for this. Hydrorock provides an excellent solution for this. Many golf courses in The Netherlands currently occupy approximately 12,000 hectares. It’s for this reason that the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) has spearheaded water management. One of three courses are left (partly) unplayable as a result of heavy rainfall. Hydrorock provides an excellent solution to this.

Our Partners


Rockwool is the exclusive supplier of the basis material for the Hydrorock® products in water management. The Rockwool Group is the worldwide market leader in rock wool solutions. Rockwool provides sustainable solutions for energy-efficient and fire-safe buildings for fields such as industry and shipbuilding and substrates for the greenhouse farming.

Asbipro Group

Hydrorock International is a member of the Asbipro Group. Each company within the group has its own specialty within the insulation industry. The raw material that make up Hydrock products consists of mineral wool. By applying this insulating material in a new and innovative way, Hydrorock introduces a revolutionary change in water management.


Marlux is the specialised distributor of Hydrorock® products for Belgium, Germany and France.

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Gold sponsor of Surfkids


Surfkids is an online interactive platform, which includes a magazine that is handed out for free each quarter to children in hospitals. The magazine is linked to a website and contains educative, fun and informational content. This way these kids get to enjoy stories full of fun and interactivity, hopefully forgetting where they are for just a moment.
Hydrock is committed to this cause and is therefore a proud sponsor of Surfkids.

Check out surfkids.nl for more information.

Just Diggit, Naga Foundation

Just Diggit

Justdiggit is an initiative of the Naga Foundation to involve the world in the battle against desertification and climate change. Justdiggit raises money in order to start large-scale greening projects. Hydrorock® investigates the possibilities for contributing to these greening projects with innovative products.

Want to know more about this initiative? Visit justdiggit.org.